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Consumer Rights in Pakistan

Consumer Rights in Pakistan

Consumer Rights in Pakistan

Consumer Rights in Pakistan
Who is Consumer?

“consumer” means a person or entity who–

(i) buys or obtains on lease any product for a consideration and includes any user of such product but does not include a person who obtains any product for resale or for any commercial purpose; or

(ii) hires any services for a consideration and includes any beneficiary of such services.

Consumer Court

Consumer Court may be a special purpose court in Pakistan that deals with cases regarding consumer disputes, conflicts and grievances. They are judiciary hearings found out by the govt to guard the consumers' rights. Its main function is to take care of the fair practices & contracts by sellers. Consumers can file a case against a seller if they're cheated or exploited by sellers. The court will only provides a verdict in favour of the consumers/customers if they need proof of exploitation, i.e., bills or purchase memos. If a consumer doesn't have the right documents required for filing a case then it might be very difficult for the buyer to win or maybe file a case.

When and the way a consumer can access Consumer Court;

When and the way a consumer can access to district consumer court?

According to “Consumer Laws” a consumer should attend district consumer court:

1-If illegal, fake, bad quality and expired products are being sold within the market;

2-If receipt isn't being provided by the shopkeeper;

3-If rate list is not displayed;

4-If the buyer has any complaint against the warranty of any product he has purchased;

5-If manufacturing date, expiry date and ingredients aren't mentioned over packing;

6-If any product is being sold through false advertisement;

7-If the buyer has experienced bad service by any govt. or private organization/individual; and

8-If there's an absence of a transparent policy regarding the purchasing and returning of product.

Required Documents for Filing a Case;

1-Copy of consumer's NIC

2- Particulars of Respondent

3- Copy of Legal Notice

4-Documentry proof i.e receipts etc.

5- Detail of Damages and Relief

Also read about the legal notice; https://legalopinion.pk/service/legal-notice

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