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Succession Certificate

Succession Certificate

Succession Certificate

Succession Certificate Requirements & Procedure

The relevant law applicable during this process is Succession act 1925. Section 370 to 390 of succession act 1925 deals with succession certificate.

How To Get Succession Certificate To Withdraw Money From Deceased Account.

Basically, succession certificate is registered document which is required when person dies leaving money in bank account , bonds or shares in company.

Once legal heirs gets this succession certificate they will withdraw money from deceased account in Pakistan. But without having succession certificate for bank account from competent court, the banks don't allow legal hairs to take money.

It is a compulsory requirement of monetary institution, that legal heirs must have succession certificate in Pakistan. 

In order to get succession certificate a case is filled in civil court.

This Succession certificate allows the heirs to withdraw movable properties from financial organization . So this certificate won't serve you any purpose if the deceased had immovable properties like land, building etc. So if anyone told you that he can get succession certificate for immovable property in Pakistan. Well he telling you a lie. For that heir-ship certificate is obtained from the court.

This succession certificate establishes the proper of heirs and determines their share within the property. It also gives them the authority to withdraw the cash or securities and transferred them in their own name.

The relevant law applicable during this process is Succession act 1925. Section 370 to 390 of succession act 1925 deals with succession certificate.

Succession Certificate Requirements
These documents required for succession certificate in Pakistan and are attached at the time of initiating this lawsuit .

1. Death certificate of the deceased
2. CNIC (Identity Card) of the deceased
3. CNIC (Identity Card) of the heirs
4. Notices and public advertisement
5. Statement of the all heirs or anybody of them
6. One independent witness

The Procedure for getting succession certificate is quite simple.

Procedure of Succession Certificate
 A plaint need to be filled explaining all the facts which led the heir to file this suit.

(1) On first hearing the court will order for the notices within the public newspaper as a advertisement.

(2) On second hearing the copy of advertisement is submitted within the court and further order of recording of evidence are passed.

(3) On third hearing the statement of 1 heir and his independent witness (who is well familiar with the facts of the case) are recorded.

(4) Fourth hearing is fixed to listen to the arguments and then the order for granting the succession certificate are passed, as long as the court is satisfied.

This whole process takes about 1 to 2 month.

When the succession certificate is received the heirs can take the first copy to the concerned institution and may withdraw the assets or transfer them in their own name.

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